Ultra Energy Efficient Treated Fresh Air Unit. With 'Virtual' Sensor technology. Cools / Heats / Humidifies / Dehumidifies. Adapts to Ever Changing Outdoor Conditions!

Treated Fresh Air Unit TFA Site Outdoor
Treated Fresh Air Unit TFA Site Outdoor 25 TR
Treated Fresh Air Unit TFA on site with Pre + Mvee Filters
Treated Fresh Air Unit TFA on Site Terrace with Pre + Mvee Filters [Terminal HEPA Indoors]

Using '100% Outdoor Air' these treated Fresh Air Units include the BEST of Vapour Compression with Multi-Compressor Options and Ultimate Psychrometric Programming to deliver Super Efficient Pre-Engineered Package with Air Side Filtration from Pre to HEPA!

  • Multi-Compressor / Fan / Blower - Treated Fresh Air Unit Designs for Effciency & Redundancy!

  • TFA with Hot Gas for Air Heating and Water Preheating [for Steam Humidification]!

  • Sandwich Panel Construction Treated Fresh Air Unit INCLUDING Pre 2 HEPA Filtration.

  • Treated Fresh Air Unit Capacity Range 500 to 5000 CFM for DB/RH Down To 15 deg C / 50% RH

  • Efficient Multi-Blower Treated Fresh Air Unit Design suitable for Clean Air + Room Pressurization at Lowest Energy!

  • Call for SpecSheet based on Inquiry Data. Use the FREE Excel Based TFA Inquiry Format from Inquiry Section which MAKES IT EASY to send us your requirement of TFAs