Evaporative Cooling of Fluids [EFC] Eliminate Chillers with Upto 95% Savings! For Temps @ WB + 4 deg C!

Evaporative Cooling of Oils & Solvents
Evaporative Cooling of Hydraulic Oil / Coolants
Evaporative Cooling of Acids Alkalis
Evaporative Cooling of Alkalis & Acids

Evaporative Cooloers for Fluids [also Condensers] are designed as combination of Cooling Towers, Pumps, Piping & The Best of Heat Exchangers Pre-Engineered into a PACKAGE to deliver Upto 95% Energy Savings as compared to eqvn capacity Chillers & Obviously the VERY BEST TCO!

  • Evaporative Fluid Coolers are SUITABLE for ANY FLUIDS i.e Liquids / Gases. Acids, Alakalis, Oils, Brines, Solvents, Refrigerants and Corrosive Gases!

  • Evaporative Fluid Coolers / Condensers Cool and Condense Upto 4 dwg C from Ambient Wet Bulb Temp i.e. Almost Upto 29 deg C in dry climates!

  • Everything except Process Side Pump INCLUDED in EACH Pre-Engg EFC Package.

  • Evaporative Fluid Coolers / Condenser Capacities are from 8 to 350 KW / unit.

  • Custom Designed Filtration System also available as add-on.

  • Download Detailed Brochure and SpecSheet for Evaporative Fluid Coolers / Condensers from Download Area

  • Use the FREE Excel Based Inquiry Form available in the Inquiry Section which MAKES IT EASY to send us your requirement of Evaporative Fluid Coolers / Condensers